3-12-18 Board Recognition

Student and staff recognition for March 12, 2018:

GHS senior wrestler Fernando “Nando” Flores-Nando was a Conference, Sectional, Regional and Semi-State Champion in his weight class. He placed 6th at the State competition and finished with a career record of 151-28. He had a record of 45-5 on his senior season, which set a new school record. Congratulations, Nando!

Chandler student Olivia Salisbury-Olivia was honored for her generosity in hosting a meal for Chandler teachers on her birthday, instead of having a birthday party for herself. This is reportedly not the first time Olivia has shown her giving spirit, as last year she hosted a meal for local police on her birthday as well. Thank you, Olivia!


Rocco Olvera, Alyssa Campanello, Denys Lopez and Jace Hershberger, representing the students who partnered with Lippert to send shoe kits to Uganda through the Soul Hope project.

Heather Turner and Karrie Goelz were the GMS teachers who partnered with Lippert to send shoe kits to Uganda. Leah Benavente, Ashley Jordan and Michilah Grimes represented Lippert Components.

The GMS students started their New Tech project “learning about countries, exports and imports, what materials we could trade, about war, and  about how war affects people who live in war-torn countries”. As they studied about Uganda, they learned about kids who have to travel many miles to get water. As they walk for water, there are many insects that are potential hazards to people walking barefoot. One of those hazardous insects is jiggers. Jiggers can burrow into the souls of feet of those walking barefoot on marshy ground. The Soul Hope project uses old denim to make shoes, some of which go to the people in Uganda, so that they will  not get jiggers. The GMS students collected jeans, cut out the patterns for the shoes, and will now send the kits away to be made into shoes through Soul Hope. They thanked the people representing Lippert Components, who helped collect many pairs of jeans to donate toward the project.