3/27/18 Goshen News-Letter to the Editor

The following was submitted to the Goshen News by Ron Weirich:

Kudos to GMS New Tech staff and students

As a former sixth-grade teacher at Goshen Middle Schools (21 years) and a total of 41 years in the classroom, I believe the following observation has merit.

On Wednesday, March 21, I was a guest teacher in the New Tech sixth-grade program. The final activity of the day was the entry event for the next New Tech project. It required all 125 students to move through the building to meet in the somewhat-crowded space of the media center. They were grouped at tables and separate chairs, some even needed to sit on the floor.

They were there to listen to the education coordinator from Potawatomi Zoo describe the vision for continuing growth and development of the zoo. She even brought an armadillo for the students to see up close-even touch! All in all, this kind of schedule disruption is very commonly difficult for staff because of students’ excitement and opportunity to act out. Following the talk and question/answer time, students were then asked to work at their tables and groups, completing an entry document that will focus their project. The project will develop ideas to make the zoo greener and provide new display spaces for some animals to be added to the zoo.

My reason for all of this description is to say that I cannot remember any group of that size (and age) who were more respectful, focused and quiet during transitions and presentation than what I experienced today. I found the students maintained decorum and their questions and documents indicate that some fantastic ideas and learning will come from these students. There is a possibility that a project from these bright kids could become a new display for Potawatomi Zoo.

Kudos to the New Tech staff and students for their modeling of respect and quality education practices.

Ron Weirich

Thank you, Ron, for taking the time to send this letter recognizing just some of the great students and staff at Goshen Middle School!