Classes and Departments

During the life of a middle school student, he or she will be provided with a rich, diverse content and curricula. Several GMS teachers maintain websites for their classes:

Below are brief descriptions of what will occur within each department.


The students at GIMS work with a variety of media during their introduction to art. The primary goal is for all grade levels to have the experience of learning the essential elements and principles of design as they improve their skills through visual problem solving lessons. From learning key vocabulary, basic drawing, design and sculpture techniques, students are exposed to the rich and vibrant world of art. Through these experiences students will begin to develop an awareness and appreciation for the visual arts.


This sixth grade class is designed to increase the students awareness and skills within the world of technology. The students learn keyboarding, graphics, and internet research skills to help them on the journey through GIMS.

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness


What is design? Design is a course that challenges students to apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve design problems. At the center of this course is the design process, it will be used to solve given community or global problems. In this course, a solution can be defined as a model, prototype or system that students have developed and created independently through the use of technology.


GIMS students engage in a variety of introductory level activities connected to the Indiana State standards for theatre. The history of theatre, analysis of productions, exposure to professional shows, and theatre’s impact on international cultures are also highlighted. Students participate individually and collectively in a variety of performances while exploring their talents on stage and behind the scenes. This course values one’s role within a caring community and puts emphasis on reflective behavior. “Drama” should always remain on the stage!

Foreign Language

Students at GIMS can participate in German, French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. These courses are designed to move students through the different phases of language acquisition in their chosen language while also expanding their growing global perspective.


The GIMS health curriculum is woven into physical education classes. Students receive broad perspective on the many areas that impact their health. From understanding the consequences of choices and lifestyle patterns to eating for a healthy life, our students learn to understand that significant and dynamic choices will be placed before them as they continue on the journey of life. This early introduction to health will help spur thought, inquiry, and lifestyle choices.

Language Arts

GIMS engages students in a variety of reading and writing opportunities. Our English/language arts teachers offer a variety of learning opportunities that allow students to build connections between reading and writing in a real world learning environment. Our goal is to raise both the confidence and achievement level of all students by differentiating activities to best address all the academic needs in a classroom. Teachers at GIMS align their curriculum to the Indiana College and Career Academic Standards.


The math department uses the Glencoe series of books supplemented with “Mathscape” Teaching methods include hands-on, technology, groups, drill, homework and class investigations. We provide enrichment and remediation to meet the range of abilities of all students. Opportunity is provided for students to excel beyond their age-grade equivalent. Traditionally students score high both as individuals and teams on the Indiana Math League Contest.


GIMS boasts one of the top middle school music programs in the nation, offering music to all sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who elect to be in band, orchestra or choir. These applied music courses are year-long courses designed to deliver a curriculum aligned to the National Music Standards and the Indiana State Music Standards. Music students at GIMS are exposed to a wide variety of music from classical to pop. Groups and individuals are active participants in ISSMA Contest events each year and have a reputation for continued excellence. Currently there are over 600 students enrolled in our bands, orchestras and choirs.

Physical Education

The vision of the Physical Education department at GIMS is for all students to assume responsibility for their own physical and mental well-being through an active and healthy lifestyle.

Goals for Physical Education students:

  • Each student will develop and maintain a health related level of physical fitness, while exhibiting a physically active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Each student will have the opportunity to participate regularly in physical activity and demonstrate the skills necessary to perform in a variety of physical activities.
  • Students at GIMS will also demonstrate an understanding of the implications and benefits of physical activity and practice respect for others.

At GIMS you will find excellent facilities that include a Challenge Education Course second to none in the area, an indoor climbing wall and a climbing cargo net. There are two hardwood floor gymnasiums, a swimming pool and a fitness and wellness room. Our outdoor facilities include two football fields, two soccer fields and ten tennis courts. The outdoor space is also used to offer many other opportunities such as golf, archery, and ultimate frisbee. GIMS has a physical education staff of five highly qualified instructors that possess a variety of certifications. The Physical Education program at GIMS is designed to assist students in the development of their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.


Exploration and hands-on learning are guaranteed in this content area. The world of science comes alive for the GIMS student. A introduction to astronomy, biology, general science, physics, and zoology awaits our middle level students.

Social Studies

Understanding the past to help create meaning for the future is what is in store for the GIMS social studies student. In grades six and seven, the students will travel back in time to understand geological, political, and economical structures of the various regions of the world. In grade eight, our students will walk through the early times of our country. This introduction to U.S. history opens the door for understanding the decisions that were made by our founding fathers and see how the foundations of their decisions allow us to progress in today’s world.

World Cultures

World Cultures at GIMS is a 12 week course based on the exploration of cultures around the world to teach students fundamentals in globalization, diversity, respect for others, and building community.