GMS Weekly Announcements

Cafeteria Menu



Wednesday: Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Salad, Muffin

Thursday: Corn Dog, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Fresh Veggies, Salad

Friday: Mexican Pizza, Corn, Salad, Bug Bites

GMS Sports Scores from September 18:

7th Varsity Volleyball vs Concord

7th grade varsity volleyball team lost to Concord 14-25, 23-25. Leading servers were Petra Schwartz with 9/9 serving and 2 aces and Emily Ramirez 8/9 serving with 2 aces.

8th Varsity Volleyball vs Concord

Red Hawks lost a hard fought match: 18- 25 and 17-25. 

7th JV Volleyball vs Concord

22, 25 – 21, 25 Loss

Dayanna Hernandez 7/10 serving with an Aces, 4 passes Kaydence Middleton 4/5 serving, 9 passes, Amiya Zachary 6/7 serves with 2 Aces; 3 passes, Kaitlyn Bontrager 6/8 and an Ace and 2 hits, Abby Heltness 6/8 and 3 sets

8th JV Volleyball vs Concord

Lost 13-25, 23-25

Abby Unrue 5 of 7 serves w/2 aces, 8 passes, 12 sets, Sophia Burgos 6 of 9 serves w/3 aces, 1 hit, Saige Hannah 3 of 4 serves w/1 ace, 9 passes, Taylor Darnell 5 of 8 serves w/2 aces, 9 passes, 3 hits, Alexis Vance 11 passes, 1 hit

7th Varsity Football vs Northridge

Goshen 12, Northridge 18

Goshen 7th faced off against Northridge tonight. Redhawks came up just a little short losing 18-12. Gage Worthman rushed for 95 yards and a score while Drew Elliott added 43 and a TD. Defensively Drew Elliott lead the the Hawks with 3 solos 9 assist and 3 sacks. Lynkin Ratliff added 3 solos six assists and 1 sack. Redhawks record stands at 3-4. Our remaining game in the playoffs is yet to be determined.

8th Varsity Football vs Northridge

Goshen 22, Northridge  7

8th grade football team defeated Northridge, 22-7. Quinn Bechtel, Collin Vidmar, and Nathan Pinarski scored touchdowns. Alex Parga, Collin Vidmar, Payton Hall, and Blake Wyman led the defense in tackles. Adam Whitehead and Jake Turner had interceptions. Hawks are now 5-1 and play Jimtown at home next Tuesday.

In Action this Week:

Wednesday,   September 19

4:45-7:30am Lap swim

5:45-7:15am Senior Swim

7:00-8:00am College Class Pool

7:30-9:00am Senior Swim

7:30-12:00 School Photo Retakes

8:00-4:00pm Book Fair Room 150

8:00-4:00pm AXA WC Conference Room

8:30-2:00pm NT 8-2 Field Trip

9:00-4:00pm Elementary Swim

3:00-5:00pm All City Orchestra Room 720

4:00-5:30pm XC Practice

4:00-5:45pm 7/8 JV & 7 V VB Practice lower gym

4:00-5:45pm Soccer Practice Girls-Game Field Boys Front field

4:00-6:00pm 8 V VB Practice upper gym

4:00-5:00pm Ox Welcome Center Conference Room

4:00-6:00pm 7/8 Football Practice

4:00-7:00pm GSI Pool

3:45-5:00pm Chess Club café

6:00-7:00pm 8th DC Parent Meeting

Thursday, September 20

4:45-7:30am Lap Swim

6:00-7:00am Water Aerobics

7:30-9:00am Senior Swim

8:00-4:00pm Book Fair 150

9:00-4:00pm Elementary Swim

3:50-4:45pm Builders Club in café

4:00-6:00pm JV Boys/Girls Soccer Practice front field

4:00-6:00pm 7/8 Football Practice

4:00-6:30pm Cheer practice

4:00-7:00pm GSI Pool

5:00 V VB vs Pierre Moran lower gym

5:00 JV VB vs Northridge Upper gym

5:00 XC @ John Young @ George Wilson with Pierre Moran

5:00-8:00pm Orchestra Lessons 720

5:00pm V Boys Soccer vs Wawasee

6:00-9:00pm 7/8 Cheer practice lower gym

6:15pm V Girls vs Wawasee

7:00-9:30pm Lap Swim

Friday, September 21

4:45-7:30am Lap Swim

5:45-7:15 Senior Group

7:00-8:00am College Swim Class

7:30-9:00am Senior Swim

8:00-4:00pm Book Fair 150

8:00-2:00pm Theatre Class auditorium

9:00-4:00pm Elementary Swim

4:00-6:15pm GSI Pool

4:00-5:00pm 6th Boys Intramural Soccer

4:00-5:00pm Jazz Strings 720

4:00-6:00pm 7/8 Football Practice

4:00-5:00pm 6th Grade Boys Soccer Intramurals game field

4:00-5:45pm 7/8 JV & 7 V VB Practice lower gym

4:00-6:00pm 8 V VB Practice upper gym

5:00-6:00pm Orc Quartet Practice 720

Saturday, September 22

6:30-10:00am GSI Pool

7:00-9:00am Lap Swim

8:30-10:00am GSI Pool

10:00 –2:00pm Cheer Competition lower gym Doors (Open for team at 7:30am)

Sunday, September 23

1:30-5:30pm Open Swim